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July 08, 2021 2 min read

Long hours of desk jobs place workers at increased risk for desk-related pains because of poor posture. Specifically, the neck is subjected to intense stress having to bend down most of the time to check complicated paper works or sometimes bent sideward to keep a smartphone against the ear to talk to an important client while holding a report. One starts to feel a stiff neck, but is helplessly keeping oneself up and moving just to finish a job while in pain and at the office, patiently waiting until office hours are over, so one can get home and have a good rest for relief.

At Recovapro, we understand how important your time is. It’s for this another reason that Recovapro came up with the Recovapro massage gun and the smaller and lighter Recovapro Lite! So you can get away from stiff neck anytime at your desk!


Managing a Stiff Neck at the Office with Recovapro!

During rest breaks or at your indulgence, pull out a Recovapro massage gun to treat your sore neck and follow these steps:

  1. Pick and insert an attachment, turn on the gun, and select an intensity. Preferably, a ball-head or power-head attachment at a level-1 speed.
  2. Lightly swipe the gun from the base of your head at the back, going down to the top of your shoulder on the same side. Make a few strokes back and forth along the muscle fibers to warm the muscles up before proceeding to the next step, working the area for 15 seconds.
  3. Move your neck in all directions and look for movements that cause pain. Stop at a position of greatest tension and just rest the gun against the spot until feeling a relief.
  4. If you hit a knot, keep the gun against it with greater pressure and move once a release is felt. Find other tender points and do the same.
  5. Finish one side by gliding the gun along the muscle fibers for 15 seconds before working the other side.

NOTE:For best results, perform few neck stretches after a Recovapro session, holding the stretch for 15 seconds each.

Don’t allow any desk-related pains ruin your productivity. Let Recovapro take care of it while you take care of your job. Because at Recovapro, we value you, your time and your productivity. Most importantly, we value you!

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