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October 28, 2022 3 min read

At one point or another in our lives, we have all experienced muscle tightness and discomfort. You have a knot in your muscle if the pain is intense, painful, and intolerable. Knots must be a word that all of us are familiar with. The problem is that many people are unaware of what knots are and how to remove them. For you to learn how to use a massage gun to treat them, we created this post. Read on!


Knots and weak areas form in your muscles due to contact or stretching between your muscle fibres and fascia. Muscle knots are technically known as "myofascial trigger points." Since there is no evident and rapid remedy for myofascial trigger points, treating them as soon as possible is recommended. They can result in excruciating pain and a reduced range of motion.

Additionally, several trigger sites in muscle knots can send pain to different locations. For instance, you will experience discomfort in the neighbouring muscles if you apply pressure to the trigger point or the affected area with your hand or fingers.

Muscle knots are tiny bumps on your muscle that hurt terribly when you touch them. The neck, shoulders and back muscles are particularly prone to developing knots. Muscle knots are more common in those who stand for an excessive amount of time or sit at a desk for an extended period without getting up or stretching. Ensure your muscle fibres and fascia do not become strained or tight to avoid knots.


One thing to remember is that treating muscular knots won't be easy. However, you can try muscle recovery tools to reduce pain and untie the knot. For example, the Recovapro massage gun is a device that is highly recommended for reducing muscle knots. Just keep in mind that treating muscular knots will require a lot of patience because it won't happen right away.

A massage gun may quickly relieve all of your pain and knots while also reducing your stress by massaging deep into the muscle fibres. In addition, a massage gun will give your muscles a vibrating sensation, improve your blood flow, and help you get rid of all your pain.

Simply use your muscle gun to massage the affected area vigorously while applying pressure. You can also focus on the muscles and regions hurting you. The following are guidelines when using your Recovapro massage gun:

  • Warm up your muscles before using your massage guns. Cold muscles are more prone to become sore later. So be careful to warm up beforehand with simple stretches or short walks.
  • Apply light pressure at first. Even if you're using a massage gun, you don't want to start with deep tissue or "hurts so nice" agony right away. Instead, find the trigger point, then begin massaging the region with your massager at low power. Depending on how much pressure your muscles can withstand, you will progressively increase your massage's intensity.
  • Focus on the “sore spot.” Gently rock back and forth while holding the massager on top of the knot. Try exerting as much pressure as possible on the hurting muscle without going past the painful area. Keep the gun there for at least 30 seconds once you've found the sweet spot for the amount of pressure your muscles can withstand (up to 2 minutes).
  • Work your way deeper into the knot. After finding the "sore spot," gradually amplify the pressure you apply. This area has sensitive and constrictive zones, which can cause severe pain. You should be able to push as hard as necessary to target the particular muscles depending on the stall force of the massage gun. This will aid in working the muscle more deeply and help to loosen any knots. Slowly increase the pressure with which you massage the stiff muscles until you feel slight discomfort when a knot starts to loosen.
  • Gently ease yourself out of trouble. Massage pressure should be gradually reduced after you've worked out the knot. For example, a softer massage will improve blood flow back to the muscle, release tension, and lessen pain after employing a trigger point gun on knots.
  • If the knot reappears, keep working. If you experience a reoccurring muscle knot (which, alas, they do! ), keep using your massager to help break up the "new" knot. Once it's gone, go over that region once again. You can toggle between focusing on various sections.