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August 28, 2019 3 min read

Massage guns are an amazing innovation in the health industry. They are efficient and effective. Massage guns can be used by different people to relief themselves of both physical and mental stress. Anyone can use a massage gun however athletes and sports personalities can be credited with the increase in popularity for these guns.

Being an athlete is not easy. You have to maintain a certain level of carbs, train for excessive hours and perform to the best of your ability. Even after carrying out all the necessary tasks for being an athlete, at some point, you are bound to experience pain in your muscles. If you follow athletes on social media, you might have come across something that seems like a Massage Gun. A massage gun is used as a deep tissue massager in order to keep a check of your muscles and tissues. Massage guns are highly important for your performances on the field, in some cases, it can be the difference as to why you have been underachieving and not being able to thrive more on the field. Basically, the process of using massage guns for the betterment of your muscles is known as percussion therapy. Percussion Therapy is not just common but highly crucial for athletes of today. 

Now that we have established the importance of a massage gun and how not using one can be the reason you are underachieving. Most people ask questions such as "which is the best massage gun to use?" or "how do I know which massage guns to use for my muscles?" 

Massage Guns

These questions are absolutely legit and we are here to provide you with a cost-effective solution. The three top massage guns today that are being used by top athletes and are also being recommended by Professionals are:


You can get high quality Hypervolt massage guns from www.hyperice.com. They have a lot of products to solve your muscle problems effectively by using percussion techniques. Hypervolt was tested on major athletes in the year 2011 and the responses were positive. The main idea behind all their Recovery Products is to provide top notch athletes with a product that enhances their on-field performance, prevents injury and conditions the tissues to accelerate recovery time in the event of an injury. Hypervolt is extremely easy to use, carries a cutting edge versatile design and elevates responses. It also comes in with a 1 year warranty but no price back options which is a huge problem for some users. It is currently priced at £375 which is a very hefty amount to say the least. 


Theragun has created a name for themselves by providing massage guns which are scientifically calibrated to get high optimum results. Almost every device is run on a powerful Japanese motor to deliver 16 mm amplitude at the speed of 40 percussion per second on the body. Using their products will leave you with a slightly relaxed feel. The specialty of their products is that they are not just suited for Athletes but also is recommended to older people who experience pain in their joints. They do not offer any cash backs or guarantees which gives consumers second thoughts. 

You can find their products on www.theragun.com 


Recovapro specializes in creating massage guns which use percussive vibration techniques which help the body recover faster from any sort of injury. Their policy is simple, they offer one device for everyone and without this device you cannot even think to achieve your goals! 

They offer additional incentives compared to other companies such as Free Shipping in the UK, a 90 Days money back guarantee and 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase. Their product is much cheaper and affordable for people unlike the competition! 

You can get Recovapro massage guns at this address: https://recovapro.co.uk/