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November 17, 2020 3 min read



recovering from running a marathon


A Pre-Marathon Performance Boosting Recovapro Massage Therapy

Runners train hard to run faster both in the gym to get stronger legs and out at the track to improve techniques and increase their speed. But effective training isn’t just about how intense your training is. Equally important is the amount of recovery period you exerted in between trainings. Rest and recovery are physically necessary so that your body can repair and rebuild itself in time for the next round of physical beatings and, more importantly, for the big race!!!

Many runners use massage as part of their training programs and attest by its effectiveness. Pre-marathon sessions of massages after training bouts help prevent injury and loss of mobility while restoring your sore muscles' loss energy. Psychologically, it helps boost mental performance. It’s utilized after each training, before the race as a warm-up and after as a cool down, a go-to recovery intervention. And the best part, massage can come in handy, like the Recovapro!


Benefits of Recovapro as a Pre-Marathon Recovery Strategy


As with manual massage, the use of vibration therapy as a pre-marathon massage tool for runners is for recovery. After a speed and endurance training, one may end up feeling peg-legged, or the sensation of being unable to bend your legs and every movement is painful due to a lot of stress your body is subjected to in running. Recovaprocan help manage these stresses so that you can push the limits of what your body can achieve.





Recovery is the major benefit of Recovapro. It reduces pain and the gravity of muscle soreness after a grueling workout or marathon. It reduces inflammation caused by the physical pounding of the training by promoting more circulation to your muscles. This benefit allows a runner to recover faster after a hard session and be ready for another one sooner and later. 



For marathon runners, engaging in more workouts or longer mileage is the best way to become a better runner. During intense training, physiological imbalances can increase your chances of injury and premature muscle fatigue. Recovapro can help you to train longer and faster by reducing the risk of injury, so that nothing is holding you back. An injury inhibits performance and cuts into valuable training days. 




Recovapro doesn’t just revive your sore muscles. It rebalances your system, supporting your training and allowing you to go harder, better, faster and stronger. The precise technique and intensity that Recovapro  provides releases the built-up tension and pressure and softens your hard-soft tissue adhesions, restoring balance to your body, so you could train more effectively.



Pre-event vibration massage therapy delivered minutes before running a marathon can be an excellent way to help prime your body to be able to perform better. It highly activates and energizes your muscles so that when you hit the track or road, your muscles are already prepared and your stride could be more energy-efficient.

Recovapro also works quickly to find and release unnecessary muscle spasms, which will help the muscle perform more efficiently during the race. If you are experiencing pain in a certain area just before a race, working that area with lighter strokes can be helpful.  

Given all the benefits, Recovapro boosts your mental power to encourage you put forth that extra bit of effort to run the extra mile. 


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The Takeaway!!!

A post-event Recovapro treatment taps the body's healing capabilities to facilitate relaxation and aids in the restoration of your fatigued muscles. During your post-event, it will work to address any specific injuries you have accrued during your run and to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by flushing out metabolic waste and bringing in fresh nutrients so you end up feeling revived and strong.

Just as important as the post-event therapy is the pre-event bouts of Recovapro. In runner's world, sufficient recovery in between trainings and after a race is essential to maintain strength and flexibility. In marathon training, recovery is as important as the training itself. Not just the recovery needed after the race, but also the recovery in between the tiring training sessions. 

Your ability to run that extra mile depends not only on how hard you train yourself for the race but also on how much rest you’ve allowed yourself to recover. So whether you’re trying to reach a new personal best record or just want to be able to push yourself a little bit harder for faster and longer run, Recovapro could be the best strategy that will keep you with the training pace and also an intervention when injury strikes.




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