Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


August 13, 2021 2 min read

It is through exercise that we build our muscles and keep our bodies fit and healthy, and it involves movement. But movement is more than just physical exercise. It affects everything, from circulation to digestion, and even the repair and healing of injuries. The benefits of movement in the repair and healing process include:


  • For the repair of the damaged tissue to take place, oxygen and nutrients need to be delivered to the area so that the recovery process can begin. When your muscles are activated, they send signals to the blood vessels surrounding your muscles to relax. The blood vessels dilate and enhance circulation, allowing more blood to be transported to the damaged tissue.


  • To keep waste from building up and leading to swelling or further damage, the next stage involves the process of removing waste. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste, but it’s a passive system. Activation of the muscles that surround lymphatic vessels is required to push out the waste.


  • During this stage of recovery, myokines are produced and released into your body. Myokines are the proteins in the body that drive tissue regeneration. Muscle activation provides the mechanical stress required to produce myokines so that your damaged tissue can be repaired.


  • After tissue has been repaired, it then needs to be remodeled. When new tissue is formed, it creates a random pattern that makes it hard for the tissue to slide smoothly past one another. The tissue needs to be rearranged in straight lines so it can function properly. Mechanical stress, or movement, allows the repaired muscle tissue to optimally remodel. Failure to optimally remodel the repaired muscle tissue leads directly to dysfunctional movement.


Given that the key to successful healing is increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the injury site, Recovapro can provide the necessary trigger to stimulate enhanced circulation through mechanical vibration so you can recover faster. In cases where the acute injury develops into a chronic inflammation causing unresolved pain in the area, Recovapro vibration technology can be applied to help re-stimulate the area and restore the stages of healing. The deep tissue percussive massage can enhance circulation and lymphatic flow. 

Knowing what’s happening on the cellular level should give you  an insight into your healing process to prepare you for a faster, safer, and more effective recovery from injury.